Production drawings: a code of procedure for building works

Production drawings: a code of procedure for building works

This Code is about the drawings which appear on every building site and contain the drawn information for construction. Throughout the Code they are referred to as the production drawings or collectively as the production set.

The Code is for use by all members of the design team who have the task of preparing and issuing production drawings. It is directed at helping them manage this task so that they can provide the necessary information in an effective and economic manner. The Code is complementary to BS 1192: Construction drawing practice. [Richard - this BS has since been withdrawn].

Experience shows that poor production drawings have too often been the cause of low quality finished product, poor cost control and failure to meet completion dates. Well organised, complete and co-ordinated production drawings are a prerequisite for the proper management of construction.

The Code of Procedure for Project Specification is intended to be used in conjunction with this Code. They cover, respectively, the descriptive and graphic information produced by designers for use by builders. The two Codes have been written with a view to improving specifications and drawings and the co-ordination between them.

The development of the Code was overseen by the Co-ordinating Committee for Project Information as part of its work in implementing the recommendations of the Project Information Group of the NCC Standing Committee on Computing and Data Co-ordination. The Code was drafted by a Drawings Working Group set up by CCPI's four sponsoring bodies, the Association of Consulting Engineers, Building Employer's Confederation, Royal Institute of British Architects and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, who have formally approved the Code and recommend its use.

Production drawings: a code of procedure for building works is available from RIBA Publications.

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