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As-Built Drawings depict the final installed configuration (whether physical or functional). They indicate any construction deviations and show all features of the project as actually built. These drawings provide a permanent record of as-built conditions and aid as key references for future maintenance processes. H-K Resources' produces as-built drawings for:

 1. Architectural Drawings
 ▪ No Samples
 2. Civil & Structural Drawings
 ▪ Sample 1

 - Sengkang Compass Point Piling (Plan View)

 ▪ Sample 2

 - Sengkang Compass Point Ramp (Plan View)

 ▪ Sample 3

 - Sengkang Compass Point Lift Motor Room

    (Plan View)

 ▪ Sample 4

 - Sengkang Compass Point Typical Bored Pile

    Installation (Plan View)

 3. Mechanical & Electrical Drawings
 ▪ No Samples
 ▪ No Samples

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Temporary Works Drawings As-Built Drawings

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