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Latest Intel-Pentium III Based Computers

Comprising computers from a variety of branded distributors including Compaq, IBM, Hewlett Packard and Dell, H-K Resources' PCs provide the boosted computing power necessary for generating the high-memory, high-processing power needs of intensive graphics drafting programs like AutoCAD and MicroStation. In general, the key features of our PCs include:
Key Features:
 ▪ Intel-Pentium III Based Microprocessors with Integrated Cache
 ▪ Minimum 128MB Memory
 ▪ Large Capacity Harddisks
 ▪ Integrated CD-ROM Drives or CD-RW Drives
 ▪ Integrated or AGP-Based Graphics Systems
 ▪ Running on MS Windows XP, 2000, NT4.0, ME or 98 Versions.
 ▪ Network-Capable

For more information on Compaq computers, click here.

For more information on Dell computers, click here.

For more information on HP computers, click here.

For more information on IBM computers, click here.

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Hewlett Packard's High-Speed Laser & InkJet Printers

HP LaserJet 2100N series printers deliver a feature-packed, internet-enabled, easy to use printer and maintains hp's high standard for reliability. The 2200 series is the solution that puts "quality", "performance", and "value" in the same package
Key Features:

 ▪ Fast 19-ppm print speed, instant-on fuser, 8 MB standard memory, 133 MHz

   processor and a 40,000 monthly duty cycle deliver high performance for small


 ▪ True 1200-dpi printing at full engine speed provides superior print quality

 ▪ Instant-on fuser eliminates warm up time and prints the first sheet in less

   than 15 seconds (less than 26 seconds when using the built-in duplexer)

 ▪ Built-in auto-duplexer (two-sided printing) provides customer convenience,

   flexibility, and paper savings

 ▪ On board USB port provides additional connection option and better support

   for Mac users

  Delivers industry leading reliability and award winning customer support (A

   rating from PC Magazine for 6 consecutive years)

The HP Deskjet 800 series is the ideal colour inkjet printer for your printing needs. It inherited all of HP’s advanced technology and reliability at an affordable price. It will definitely convince you with its remarkable combination of stunning photo quality as well as sharp, black text and vibrant colour graphics. Its whisper-quiet operation, compact size and ease-of-use make it the perfect partner for your printing environment.
Key Features:
 ▪ Print Quality: black : 600 x 600 dpi
colour : 600 x 1200 dpi using premium photo papers
 ▪ Print Speed black text A4 : 8.0
full page colour A4 : 1.4
 ▪ Memory standard: 2 MB
buffer: 48 KB
 ▪ Interface Universal Serial Bus (USB)
USB 2.0 full-speed certification
 ▪ Media Handling sheets 100, banners 20, envelopes 15, cards 30, transparencies 25, labels/A4 sheets 20

 ▪ Minimum System


Windows® XP Home and Professional: Pentium® 233 MHz, 128 MB RAM, Windows® 2000 Professional: Pentium® 133 MHz; 64 MB RAM, Windows® Me: Pentium® 150 MHz; 32 MB RAM, Windows® 98: Pentium® 66 MHz; 32 MB RAM, Mac OS 8.6 or above: 64 MB RAM, Mac OS X: 128 MB RAM; visit www.hp.com/go/mac-connect to download printer driver compatible with Mac OS X
For more information on HP printers, click here.

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Hewlett Packard's Wide-Format Color-Capable Plotters

The HP DesignJet 400 Series printers deliver true 300-dpi color and addressable 600-dpi black resolution. It can print an A1/D full color image in "Best" mode on HP Coated Paper in less than 18 minutes, and a color line drawing in "Normal" mode in 4 minutes.

Key Features:

 ▪ Ideal for line drawings, presentations, signs, and comps, providing maximum

   flexibility for all kinds of jobs

 ▪ Superior line quality and near-photo-quality images with 600-dpi-addressable

   black and 300-dpi color resolution

 ▪ Fast enough to give you quick turnaround and to accommodate deadline

   workloads; prints 2-by-3-foot (61 cm x 91 cm) check plots in under 2

   minutes, final-quality line drawings in about 4 minutes, and images in about

   18 minutes

 ▪ Flexible enough to fit into any office with tabletop design and optional legs kit

 ▪ Convenient and easy to use with features such as optional roll feed with

   integrated automatic cutter, easy single-sheet loading, and simple front panel

 Accepts a wide variety of media to handle check plots, final output,

   presentations, overlays, and archiving

 ▪ Custom HP-developed AutoCADTM and Microsoft® Windows® drivers take full

   advantage of printer features

 ▪ Supports Adobe® PostScript® 3TM via software RIP for Apple Macintosh and

   Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (PostScript Level 2TM via software RIP for Windows NT

   4.0) [HP DesignJet 488CA only]

 ▪ HP ZoomSmart scaling technology for easy large-format printing from any

   Windows application

 ▪ Genuine HP CAD languages - the industry standards - for compatibility with

   virtually all major applications

 ▪ Standard interfaces: IEEE-1284 compatible, RS-232-C. Optional HP JetDirect

   EX Plus3 external network interface HP DesignJet 488CA only: HP JetDirect EX

   Plus external network interface (Ethernet)

 ▪ Traditional HP quality and reliability for consistent, dependable performance -

   backed by a one-year warranty with free onsite service; optional SupportPacks

   extend warranty for up to five years, with a choice of response options

The HP DesignJet 500/600 series plotters feature rich, brilliant colors from print to print, regardless of ink levels or printhead usage, precise ink placement that ensures crisp, sharp lines and text, color layering technology which combines ink drops on a single dot to create smooth color transitions and photo-quality results-even up close and up to 1200 dpi resolution.
Key Features:

 ▪ Color images at 85 ft2/hr (D-size fast mode)

 ▪ Line drawings in just 90 seconds (D-size fast mode)

 ▪ High capacity HP No. 82 ink cartridges and long-life HP No. 11 printheads

   mean fewer supplies changes, unattended printing and low cost of ownership

 ▪ Built-in smart chips identify low ink levels and worn printheads

 ▪ Ink cartridges and printheads are replaceable - replace what you need, when

   you need

 Zoomsmart scaling technology allows easy printing from any Windows


 ▪ Industry-standard HP CAD languages for compatibility across major technical


 ▪ Custom HP-developed AutoCAD® and Microsoft® Windows drivers maximize

   printer capabilities

For more information on HP printers, click here.

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Yamaha's & HP's Flexible Storage Format CD-RW Drives

Yamaha CD-RW Drives - Trust your important data to Yamaha CD-RW drives. Recordable and ReWritable CDs are ideal for any storage purpose: they hold up to 700MB of data or music, offer complete security and reliability and are compatible with 300 million computers worldwide. Yamaha 3-in-1 CD-RW drives are your best choice for creating CDs. With their superior quality, speed, features and bundled software, they have received numerous awards and excellent reviews from every corner of the computer industry.

Key Features:

 ▪ Up to 8X Write


Record a 74-minute CD in just 9 minutes; fast enough to meet the tightest deadlines.

 ▪ Up to 8X ReWrite


Record, erase and record again, up to 999 times! Now you can use a CD with floppy disk ease.

 ▪ Up to 24X Read


Features a fast read speed, eliminating the need for additional CD-ROM drives

 ▪ Buffer Memory

With up to 4MB of buffer memory, Yamaha CD-RW drives save you time, wasted media and aggravation

 ▪ Pure Phase ™

    Laser System

Features this exclusive Yamaha anti-glare laser technology which eliminates unwanted reflections and glare when recording a CD, resulting in exceptional reliability

 ▪ RapidLinked (TM )

    Packet Writing

Add files to a CD one at a time with drag and drop simplicity. Archiving and backing up data has never been easier or more efficient.


HP CD-Writers - whether you want to create your own multi-media or audio CDs, share photos and videos with friends or simply backup and store your data, a HP CD-Writer Plus does the job perfectly. Most models come with exiting software that let you get more out of what you bought your PC for. Making CDs has never been faster and easier. Once you've created a CD, it can be shared with over 200 million CD-ROM and stereo CD players world-wide.

For more information on HP CD-Writers, click here.

For more information on Yamaha CD-RW Drives , click here.

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Broadband Internet Access Capabilities

Through SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Technology, H-K Resources has 24-hour Internet connectivity to the Internet through our Corporate Local Area Network. With connection speeds of up to 1.5mbps, it provides a reliable, fast and efficient connection to facilitate Internet applications such as e-mail, Internet telephony, E-commerce and web access. SDSL is based on Broadband technology with the ability to upload and download information at symmetric speed.


Broadband SDSL Technology provides fast and effective Internet connectivity at a much lower cost. SDSL Access only requires a SDSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and a normal Telephone Line. On top of that, upgrading the Internet connection speed is simplified as there is no need for any new hardware purchase or upgrade, nor installation of a new Digital Line. This allows us to upgrade to higher bandwidth much more easily and more cost effectively. All this translates into enhanced efficiency, worldwide outreach, convenience and overall reduced cost to the customer of using our services.

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Web-Based Email Solutions

H-K Resources utilises a linux-based, web email system that permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local. It supports access from multiple devices while traveling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers (unlike POP-based mail systems). This allows ease of communication worldwide and may be provided to selected clients to facilitate transfer of information and drafting files across geographical borders easily and seamlessly.


Our system is fully compatible with Internet messaging standards, e.g. MIME, allows message access and management from more than one computer, allows access without reliance on less efficient file access protocols, provides support for "online", "offline", and "disconnected" access modes, supports concurrent access to shared mailboxes, and client software needs no knowledge about the server's file store format. Its includes operations for creating, deleting, and renaming mailboxes; checking for new messages; permanently removing messages; setting and clearing flags; server-based RFC-822 and MIME parsing, searching; and selective fetching of message attributes and texts.

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CoreNet-Based e-Submission Capabilities
CORENET (COnstruction and Real Estate NETwork) is a major IT initiative led by the Ministry of National Development and driven by the Building and Construction Authority in collaboration with other public and private organisations. The objective of CORENET is to re-engineer the business processes of the construction industry to achieve a quantum leap in turnaround time, productivity and quality. CORENET revolves around developing IT systems and key infrastructure to integrate the four major processes of a building project life cycle, including:

 ▪ Provide Information Services to allow businesses to speed up business

   planning and decision making processes;

 ▪ Provide Government to Business infrastructure to facilitate electronic building

   plans submission, checking and approval processes;

 ▪ Provide Business to Business enablers to facilitate building project

   collaborations and business transactions

 ▪ Provide a set of standards to improve business communications

 ▪ Provide a series promotional, training and incentive programme to create

   awareness and encourage adoption

For more information on CORENET, click here.

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Certified Structured Cabling

Structured wiring is the highway to deliver all of an organization's information. A system that is poorly designed, inefficiently installed, or out-of-date hinders the performance, profitability and user satisfaction. H-K Resources uses CAT 5e structured cabling so as to guarantee:


 ▪ Longest life cycle  ▪ Lowest cost network component
 ▪ Prevent costly downtime  ▪ Simplicity for future changes
This is coupled with comprehensive testing and system certification to ensure TIA/EIA and IEEE compliance. All terminals feature standard reconfigurable RJ-45 connectors.

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Dell's PowerEdge Servers

Dell's PowerEdge Servers - Dell's PowerEdgeTM  rack servers offer density without giving up scalability and uptime. Dell offers a competitive, comprehensive rack server offering. This complete line of servers are offered in one, two, four, and eight-way designs to help match your performance and scalability requirements. Availability features are not sacrificed in the name of density allowing use for critical applications while providing efficient use of space. Coupled with Dell PowerVaultTM  storage products these rack dense servers offer a robust computing solution to the most demanding enterprise requirements.

PowerEdge Servers meet a host of business priorities, such as affordability, performance, scalability, space-optimization and support for mission-critical applications. All PowerEdge Servers are powered by Intel® Pentium®  III or Pentium III XeonTM  processors and backed by award-winning Dell service and support.

For more information on Dell servers, click here.

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Enterprise-Class Routers & Switches

For greater reliability and durability, H-K Resources utilises Enterprise-Class routers & switches from a variety of reliable sources. This includes Cisco-based machines such as:


Cisco 3660 Router - Modular, multi-service access platform that provides higher densities, greater performance, and more expansion capabilities, enabling new applications like packetized voice aggregation - making it the perfect gateway for IP telephony, and applications like call transfers, holds, and conferencing.


Cisco Catalyst Series Enterprise Edition Switches - The Award-winning Cisco Systems Catalyst 3524 & 2924 series is a scalable line of stackable 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet switches that deliver premium performance, manageablility, and flexibility, with unparalleled investment protection.

For more information on Cisco equipment, click here.

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