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Its not easy to set up eSubmissions on your own. Potential problems setting up your own systems include:


  Need to Setup IT Systems for Access to CORENET

The minimum IT hardware specifications needed in order for you to do eSubmission include high-end Pentium-based PCs with minimum 64MB memory and 1GB HDD space, high-speed Internet access and SmartCard Readers (Version 3.0 and above). In addition, the computers need to be installed with Windows 98 and above, IE 5.0 or above, specific ESPro application InternetForms Viewer 4.4 as well as Digital Signer software, and for submissions to URA, you also need to have the EDAForm application JRE1.3. These proprietary software require unique license keys for each site license that can only be obtained from BCA. You also need to register for a Netrust digital certificate for each qualified person who need to "sign" over plans and documents.


This may be a tedious process that distracts from your core line of business, but also means you need to employ an in-house IT person to coordinate and configure everything to work properly with your existing systems. And IT staff are expensive.


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  Need to Pay for Software & IT Systems

To set up the eSubmission system in-house is not cheap. You need to upgrade your computers, purchase the necessary hardware and software as well as subscribe for access. This can easily set you back by $3,000 to $15,000. And that's not even including recurrent costs yet!!


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  Need to Pay Annual Subscription Fees

In addition to the once-off setup costs, companies need to incur recurrent monthly costs for broadband Internet access ($300-$700 monthly). There is also the need to renew Netrust certificates for each qualified person annually - this will set you back by $50 per person, as well as subscribe for the proprietary software from BCA ($30 per copy).


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  Need to Maintain Updated IT Systems & Software

IT systems and software not only require regular maintenance. They also become obsolete rapidly, leading to the need for regular upgrades. As the eSubmission system develops, newer versions of proprietary software will be produced and need to be installed over existing systems. Keeping up-to-date on such requirements takes time away from your core business, so why not just leave it to H-K Resources.


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  Need to Train Staff to Use System Properly

As with any new system, staff need to be trained to use the eSubmission system. The training required includes such items like preparation of the desktop environment for e-Submission, use of proprietary software like ESPro (downloading of forms, project registration, submission preparation and project profile) as well as the eSubmission System's Web functions (inbox, query project and submission status, updating project profile and existing project member information), etc. Each training session costs between $250-$500 per person and takes time away from their work.


In addition, staff need to use eSubmission systems regularly to remain aware of any changes in requirements and will need to be sent for refresher courses as new capabilities are developed. All this adds up not only in terms of cost, but staff time as well.


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 Submissions Must Be Made By Qualified Persons

All eSubmissions must be made by qualified persons registered with BCA and holding a valid Netrust digital certificate. For parties that do not have Netrust digital certificates, eSubmissions allows them to, through formal arrangement such as via letter of undertaking etc, appoint H-K Resources' qualified persons to act on their behalf. Contact us now!!

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