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Worldwide, the trend is for companies to engage sub-contractors to carry out tasks that are not the core activities of the company. This makes economic sense as the company may not have the expertise or the economic scale to execute these tasks efficiently and effectively. Outsourcing is successfully practiced in the manufacturing, commercial and banking sectors, so why not drafting and documentation?


H-K Resources is setup as a specialist company to offer drafting and documentation solutions to the construction industry, we help you to:


1. Save Costs on Capital Outlay


Each draftsperson must be equipped with expensive high-end desktop computers and relevant software like AutoCAD, Microstation and MS Office to name just a few, in order to carry out drafting works. That'll easily set you back by upwards of $15,000. This is not only a heavy initial outlay but both hardware and software must be regularly upgraded to provide the new capabilities and functionalities demanded by customers. Since it only costs you $150 to $600 to outsource each drawing, why bother when you can just leave everything to H-K Resources?


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2. Save on Staff Recruitment & Training


All companies face the constant problem of staff turnover. This is exacerbated by the shortage of skilled draftspersons, particularly when the construction industry is booming. Recruitment exercises are costly and time-consuming, requiring constant attention from management that could be better spent concentrating on the project proper.


Additionally, new staff need to be trained and brought up-to-speed on company practices and procedures. This takes further management time and leads to discontinuities in work flow, with resultant low outputs.


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3. Save on Office Rental


Drafting staff need to be provided conducive work environments. Office rentals incurred to house draftspersons and their equipment is a hidden but recurring expense, and can add up substantially to a project's costs. Local monthly rentals can range from $800 to $1,500 per draftsperson.


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4. Reduce Project Fluctuations


Workloads in the construction industry are always fluctuating. Employing a staff strength sufficient to cover your peak loadings means that there will be occasions when your draftspersons will not be productive.


But because H-K Resources specializes in outsourced drafting projects, we minimize unproductive time by distributing work from different clients, and are hence able to pass the cost savings back to you. Nevertheless, the drawings we present to our clients reflect the same quality, precision and skill expected.


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5. Reduce Unforeseen Circumstances


Draftspersons are human. They may be absent from work for any number of reasons: sick/emergency leave, national service duty, maternity leave, resignations, etc. Existing staff may be unable to cope with workloads and may lead to delays and inability for the company to fulfill dateline commitments to clients. The costs to a company are often intangible, including loss of client confidence and the company's reputation.

Outsourced CAD Drafting is highly economical - it only costs from $150 to $600 per drawing (depending on complexity). Isn't it time you contacted us now?

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